Recently, I have purchased a Schwinn Airdyne bike to burn unwanted calories. Not everyone has the chance to bike outdoors. For instance, I am too busy on weekdays and just don’t have enough time to stroll leisurely outside. Also, my wife doesn’t have time to take pleasure in cycling, so we decided to purchase the bike. It is particularly designed for working out with a balance bike for starters. It was easy to purchase one and now my wife and I enjoy exercising right in the comforts of our home.  We can burn the same amount of calories and stay slim.  There were many choices for exercise bikes online, but the Schwinn brand captivated my attention because of its unique features.


Unique Features Of Schwinn Airdyne

I have noticed that most conventional exercise bikes are equipped with motorized resistance that is usually fastened on a loaded flywheel. On the other hand, the Schwinn brand uses friction free-air mechanism. When I looked closely, this unit has a large fan secured inside a metal cage that serves as the resistant mechanism of the bike.  When I first tried exercising with this bike, I felt that my upper body is actively engaged because of the movable grip handles. It is also comfortable to sit on the broad padded seat while pedaling on a stable resistance that activates the upper body, thighs, and legs in a complete cardio exercise. This bike provides unique benefits that I have only experienced with high-end gym units.


Advantages Of Using Schwinn Bike

For me, the Airdyne is among the best brands for exercise bike. I have searched for customer reviews and there are numerous good things about this bike. Below are the numerous advantages you can get from this superior brand.


Schwinn Airdyne – Safe And Effective Burning Of Calories

schwinn airdyneThe bike instantly responds to my pedals. I have noted that the harder I pedal, the higher the resistance the Schwinn bike provides. This resistance mechanism is safe because it has built in cooling fan. Also, this bike offers no-impact workout. I want to test out the capability of this bike in burning calories so I monitored my weight for a week. I have noted that 30 minutes of vigorous cycling with this bike could burn 300 to 450 calories. This is ideal for me since I am trying to lose weight.  With this bike, I can lose fat in less time compared to other exercise regimen.


Durability And Dual Action Workout

schwinn airdyneDurability is among the features that I need to test out. Customer reviews reveal that Schwinn could last for decades. That is not hard to believe since the brand is guaranteed with a 30-year warranty. This bike also provides dual action workout. Aside from lower body exercise, you can also tone up your upper body while pedaling and handling the movable arms. My wife loves the mechanism of pushing and pulling the bars similar to an elliptical workout trainer. This is perfect for me since I have a back problem that could be troublesome for high impact workout.

These advantages are really remarkable. I consider this as a practical investment considering that the Schwinn Airdyne only costs less than $ 1000.